What Is Bitcoin? Crypto-Currencies Made Simple

What Is Bitcoin? Crypto-Currencies Made Simple 1  PASSIVE INCOME IDEAS BITCOIN AND BLOCKCHAIN

What Is Bitcoin? Crypto-Currencies Made Simple

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The Bitcoin world is a new industry that has no shortage of adventure associated with it. You may have heard of the epic dramas in the news about major hacks and the black markets. For most people this is all they know about Bitcoin.

There are many misconceptions about Bitcoin, mostly because it’s difficult for people to wrap their head around how it works. It’s very easy for beginners to get confused when they hear experts try to explain it with technical jargon.

This guide is intended to be an easy to understand, no nonsense resource that explains what Bitcoin is. Our goal is to get you up to speed quickly, to give you a better understanding of this wonderful technology.

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  1. This is a good information for the understanding of bitcoin for the public domain. Thanks Chris for this interview that explains in a easy way what bitcoin is.

  2. I like to learn to invest and trade Bitcoin. I will be following you,, Coach Chris 🙂

  3. What was that thing that connects like a thumb drive? A "treasure?"? You said you would link it in the description. Thanks. …. Nevermind, I got it. https://trezor.io/

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