Wealth Building Strategies For Entrepreneurs With Garrett Gunderson

Wealth Building Strategies For Entrepreneurs With Garrett Gunderson 1  PASSIVE INCOME IDEAS BITCOIN AND BLOCKCHAIN

Wealth Building Strategies For Entrepreneurs With Garrett Gunderson

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Garrett Gunderson is the founder of wealth factory, a NYT bestselling author, and helped thousands of business owners create efficient wealth building strategies.

Little did I know before this interview that Garrett and I both got our start in the car detailing business, then moved into the financial services industry.

I love Garrett’s outlook on life, true wealth, and entrepreneurship. He’s a brilliant guy that has built an impressive network of A – players.

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7 Thoughts to “Wealth Building Strategies For Entrepreneurs With Garrett Gunderson”

  1. I quit at 24:16. It sounds like a very long infomercial for Garret Gunderson' business.

  2. GREAT video! I wish he would have left information on how to keep up with him since he doesn't use Twitter or anything. Now I'll have to Google his upcoming book once a month in order to take advantage of the limited release.

  3. he just told you that the stock market was a joke wow

    you took that hit like a champ

  4. I have a business, making great cash flow and this was GOLD. I was just listening in the background while I did other stuff and had to stop and whip out my notebook.

  5. I like that at 37:20 … Prepare for the worst but live for the best.

  6. This is brilliant. Great interview, thanks!

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