Stop Chasing Success & Start Living It


Stop Chasing Success & Start Living It

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I get dozens of emails every day asking for advice – How do I build a business? How do I make money and travel? How can I learn to trade? How do I invest in real estate?

These are all great questions, but sometimes I can tell the person’s focus is on the wrong place – getting the money.

Some people think that if they can get more money, they’ll be happier…

Maybe you’ve caught yourself saying something like, “I’d be happy if I could just win that damn lottery.”

That was the thought process of millions of Americans that flocked to buy lottery tickets and drive the jackpot to a record high of $1.5 billion.

People were spending insane amounts of money hoping and praying they’d beat the 1 in 292 million odds.

But the truth is very few people could handle a windfall of millions of dollars…

After all, 70% of lottery winners go broke within 7 years.

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15 Thoughts to “Stop Chasing Success & Start Living It”

  1. Chris, just finished Rich Dad Poor Dad, any advice what book to read next for financial success?

  2. Anything is better than a mundane, repetitious, high pressure, unrewarding, boring job day in and day out for your entire life. I'm working on a passive income stream as well as other investments. Once I'm out of the rat race, I can think more about how to avoid the boredom that can come with not doing the time consuming job I'm used to. I figure spend more time building up passive income at a relaxed pace. Study more. Exercise more. Try new things.

  3. you are so cool

  4. you are so cool

  5. I am chasing the money – I won't lie. I don't enjoy waking up at 4am 5-6 days a week as a concrete labourer. But most importantly it's the financial freedom that gets me because I love to travel. Trading is something I can honestly say I'm passionate about but I'm really broke at the moment. I'm not giving up on this and I know I can do it. Organising my time to study the market is still a working progress. Thanks to you and your wife Natalie for vision and hope

  6. Chris you are the man plain and simple.

  7. Hey Chris, not sure if you get a chance to read all these, but just wanted to say thanks for pumping out all this great content lately. You've obviously been putting heaps of effort into this and it's hugely appreciated. Adam from Australia.

  8. Awesome video Chris! You sure do know how to inspire and motivate. Keep up the great work with these videos!

  9. Hey Chris! Amazing episode!

    Here are what I'm doing to make a reality of my dream day (I want to be a full time tradeer, and possibly once i achieve that, become an entrepreneur like yourself and a lot of successful people that you introduced to us in your interviews):

    – Learn: already took the Bitcoin Trading Academy class, and in April I'm going to take the e-mini trading course that you have with Justin. I'm even "stealing" time from my job to do some trading related stuff.
    – Eliminate financial debt: i almost elminated all my credit debt. In march i will be officially debt free;
    – Save all the money I can: first, to pay for my education; second, to build trading and investing capital;
    – Use all my free time to practice, and study, building a skilll for trading and investing.

    That's all of my immediate steps, but as they become a reality I'm gonna keep going and your videos and advice are of great help, so:

    Thanks so much for all you give to us!!!



  10. Great video Chris. My perfect day is viewing, buying and renovating properties and sharing my journey 🙂 And yes, I'm doing it 🙂

  11. my perfect day: wake up early, hit the bong, get a double sausage mcgriddle from mcdonalds (sausage mcgriddle with an extra patty), then play playstation for 6 hrs. but i know i have a lot of work to do before i get to that point. im not entertaining myself at all until i start making some serious money – its all work right now

  12. Love you stuff, thankyou.

  13. Great advice and insight!

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