Mastering Trading Psychology (With Jared Tendler)

Mastering Trading Psychology (With Jared Tendler) 1  PASSIVE INCOME IDEAS BITCOIN AND BLOCKCHAIN

Mastering Trading Psychology (With Jared Tendler)

Jared Tendler is a mental coach to traders and poker players. He’s worked with many of our students.

He’s also the author of “The Mental Game Of Poker”, and a coach to over 400 top poker players.

This is one of the few books about trading that I HIGHLY recommend… In fact, it’s required reading for all of my trading students.

Jared’s approaches trading psychology from a practical point of video, not the typical fluffy BS that so many traders are exposed to.

In This Interview, Jared teaches us:

  • How to handle emotions, develop mastery, and become a high-level trader
  • Why “skill development” is more important than born talent
  • The top reasons why so many traders spin their wheels
  • How “tilt” keeps traders from achieving mastery
  • 3 steps for learning quickly and efficiently
  • Why education is key to your success as a trader

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42 Thoughts to “Mastering Trading Psychology (With Jared Tendler)”

  1. Chris, what camera are you using for your hangouts? Thanks.

  2. Great interview full of actionable information that applies to trading, risk-based activities, and so many things in life. Thanks for sharing, Chris & Jared!

  3. Loved the interview Chris. Exactly what I needed right now.

  4. will the book bee digital to?

  5. There is a old rule in trading – Trend is your friend till it bends. 
    Big money is always there in the trend.

  6. Thanks Chris for an excellent video with totally workable strategies and super value.  As a trainer, I know there are "no original thoughts" around this stuff, but there are very creative and practical approaches to delivering ideas and steps for success.  This is a wonderful example of a creative and useful delivery of skills that drive competence..thanks again!

  7. Great interview, I'm recommending‏  about an 10-15 minutes meditation before trading.
    You will come alot more "clean" and relaxed to the trading day, it also helps by that you become more aware of yourself.

  8. I like this, i want more of it 🙂

  9. Hello Chris,
    Great interview, i'm a former professional poker player so I loved this interview !

    Let me ask you a technical question : what is the brand of your mic stand ?

  10. So much of what Jared said made sense, you gotta be honest with yourself during the learning process. I skipped the exercises in the Mastery Blue Print and went directly into class only to realize I wasn't ready.Thanks for sharing this Chris.

  11. Great stuff can you get the books out side the USA

  12. Chriss has tottaly true … I was trying to learn markets on HIGH TIMEFRAMES when i was working and trying do some trades with good money management, position sizing and relative good entries by candlesticks … then I realised i can trade on lower timeframes on Nasdaq or another indexes … then I started trading on 1 minute chart, watching charts and working hard on it… I took simply breakout strategy with reversal so I often waiting till price go to my level and then I am trying entry the market.. Nasdaq has really pretty good moves on lower timeframes and u dont need much money 🙂 so then u are watching market structure and u can learn a LOT from that just by watching … I am doing that like 4 weeks and I have some results on my equity curve … my patience grow by 100% and I know that I dont need to be in market everytime 🙂 … so HARDWORK is answer 🙂 then u just waiting for your eyes to tell u 🙂 THATS YOUR OPPORTUNITY ! 🙂 I am doing trading 1,5 year … and right now I am propably borned REAL trader with nice results .. I am so for other guys this is way too learn it too 🙂 … + start taking trading like propability .. there is no way u can win 100 % so this can help u so much .. DEVELOP YOUR SKILL AND TECHNICAL ANALYSIS 🙂

  13. This is a great interview. When I first started trading I thought it was 90% strategy and technical skills and 10% psychological. Now I know it's just the opposite (90% psychological and 10% technical). Great that you cover this aspect.

  14. Just watched this again. Great talk! Learned even more second time through. Thanks Chris and Jared.

  15. Hi Chris and Jared! Is there a way that you can give a talk to our prop traders here in Manila? We have 40 traders and we've been trading for more than 30 years now. We can compare notes also or you can use our traders as a control study for trading.

  16. Pure gold just like you said man. 👌👍

  17. Great Job! Amazing information.
    Thank you

  18. This was a brilliant video. For what it's worth, I personally intentionally stress myself out with sim trades. I also put myself in high performance situations (with things that I'm good at). This combination has made me (personally) more relaxed in executing my trades in live markets by both bringing sim trades closer to reality, and building my overall performance confidence. Another tip…When sim trading, try to give 10% of your investment size to a loved one or someone you trust…Then if you lose, they keep it for a week or two…Really helps to make sim trading feel more real! haha

  19. Great interview. Thanks Chris. 🙂

  20. Great video Chris…. Cheers.


  21. "hey look at my lambo" Guy named Tim comes to mind, the one who sells $5k programs to learn to trade, things you can learn for free at the library and online, lol

  22. great vid thanks! really liked him in Antman too…great movie!

  23. Helpful one! Thanks for uploading…..

  24. I'm a big fan soon as I seen the video title had to watch. the psychology is the hardest part. trading cyrptocurrency has taken all my time. over trading and over managing my positions I see it but so hard to make a decision place a trade and walk away without watching every tick. gotta step back and let my trades work

  25. An awesome and incredibly helpful video!

  26. at first glance he looked like Tony Romo haha

  27. Evereything I wanted to say has been said below…. so just WOW, this stuff is invaluable!

  28. Anyone playing 16 tables is probably using a HUD. Are there HUDs for trading?

  29. Treat your losses as your tuition.

  30. Wow really enjoying this video and both people talking and what they bring to the interview. What are the names of the books he has released and the one he is about too?

  31. I'm not trying to be a negative nancy here…but saying "i'm really good at swing trading bitcoin" is like saying "im really good at predicting what days it's going to rain in the amazon". Suiccessful swing trading in a bull* (originally said bear, edited) market like bitcoin isn't really indicative of skill.

  32. @chrisdunn Do you have any organized Crypto Trading Courses/Program? preferably day trading but ill take whatever. Thank you Chris!

  33. great conversation, very helpful

  34. Interesting. Reminds me of the zen techniques of noticing your reactions and looking at them for their causes (dependent arising).

  35. This lesson is gold…Very useful…

  36. The true insight and psychology, this content is gold.

  37. How on earth can you learn to win Lol
    Trading success or failure is based on millions of unknown people speculating unknown amounts of money on unknown products for unknown times in unknown directions so I do not see the point of lessons other than the fundamentals. regards Hayden

  38. The title should have been mastering poker since that's all that is talked about

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