If You Own Bitcoin, Here’s How Much You Owe In Taxes | CNBC

If You Own Bitcoin, Here's How Much You Owe In Taxes | CNBC 1  PASSIVE INCOME IDEAS BITCOIN AND BLOCKCHAIN

If You Own Bitcoin, Here’s How Much You Owe In Taxes | CNBC

Almost no one seems to pay, but whether you’ve used bitcoin as an investment or as a currency you owe taxes on it.
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If You Own Bitcoin, Here’s How Much You Owe In Taxes | CNBC


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49 Thoughts to “If You Own Bitcoin, Here’s How Much You Owe In Taxes | CNBC”

  1. This video is stupid! What prevents them from opening an account in another country and not be caught!

  2. leave it to the government to find a way to tax a currency that isnt even theirs..

  3. Oh really? How about no ?

  4. News flash! US is not the only nation in the world.

  5. I just got 0.1 BTC via this website. Google "bitxploit" for more info

  6. Us in bitcoin and other cryptos are like, what are taxes? Lol

  7. So the only thing we need to do is to start using cryptocurrencies as payment method and start accepting btc as payment. So that way you don't need to sell your btc for fiat (cash value) and don't use your fiat for buy products.

  8. The IRS owns bitconnect

  9. That's why I will never invest into crypto, the government has too much control over it. Never know when they will regulate or ban it, just like how SK did.

  10. Now that Bitcoin's price has plummeted from $20,000 to $8,000 MANY people will have sustained GREAT LOSSES on their investment – so according to the tax advocates that means a CAPITAL GAINS LOSS – in other words a TAX REDUCTION is now due to all of those people. So will tax authorities be providing this TAX REDUCTION ? If they are not then that is final proof of the ILLEGALITY of taxation of Bitcoin.

  11. Do I owe taxes on online purchases made with Runescape gold too?

  12. dont pay it.. absolutely nobody should pay this.

  13. love how cnbc likes to put out scare news when the market is down and then continue to actually spread misinformation

    no you dont owe taxes
    do you owe taxes for holding dollar bills

  14. Ok suposse you bought some btc in coinbase, you then transfer to a cold wallet and if irs ask you you say you got hacked or spent inmediatly, checkmate stupid gov

  15. Earn Some money here👇👇100% guranteed: https://youtu.be/tiv4SN8xXhM

  16. The Federal Mafia wants their cut.

  17. Screw this news ain't not property, how they tax you cash out in other country.

  18. Uncle Sam is creating laws to get his hands in your pocket and it stays in there.

  19. i cant understand for the life of me why so many humans allow govt entities to tax people in barious ways…taxation is theft by criminals. dont you humans think you could put your own hard earned money to better use? we need a powerful presidential candidate to come abolish taxation, amongst other things.

  20. Uncle Sam will never touch those bitcoins users because it’s our money not theirs.

  21. Bitcoin as the norm = social security collapses all together

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  23. Look up localbitcoins

    You're welcome 😊

  24. Get a lawyer and hit him where it hurts

  25. See this is how our government uses it power to make and oppress a product to make it seems bad and doing this they are doing the same thing as Britain did to us pressing taxes on us without our proper representation and since the block chain is decentralized and the block chain is a network anyone who own bitcoin owns part of the network which means everyone who own bitcoin or even a portion of bitcoin can be a representative the block chain is strong and we who actually believe in bitcoin show fight for our rights

  26. Knew all these crypto currency idiots were going to eat it eventually. Oh this is too good. The irs is going to have their hands full over the next few years😂

  27. if they ask for less we will have no problem giving them taxes but it is simply to much to give them 30% or higher

  28. We don't owe anything…its not like they know we have bitcoin or cryptocurrency

  29. Might be able to put bitcoin and other crypto currencies in trusts and have it protected!!!

  30. It’s not regulated by government though what is this garbage

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  32. Great to subscribe,good evening from ireland.

  33. The part about 60% tax is some real FUD bs. There is no way that could be true, though the reporter mentioned including accountant fees, well yeah they could rip you off or, lets say that guy only made $500…accountant charges $300, boom 60%, but that is just a plain stupid way to look at it. THAT IS NOT A TAX CALCULATION CNBC, cmon…

  34. The 900 people have reported stat is stupid too. There is no specific form just for cryptos. No one has any idea what the number is! Stop lying and do some research. It is on a form where you free-fill it in. Smh "reporting"…

  35. Fuct uncle Sammy!

  36. I hate this video for sure!

  37. Fack you IRS. You're not getting jack sh*t uncle Sam. Eat a d$ck

  38. Pay your freaking Taxes!

  39. IRS should watch the U.S government than the citizens and see who really in debts

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  41. uncle sam a thief


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