How Factom is Bringing Digital Currencies To Business & Governments With Paul Snow

How Factom is Bringing Digital Currencies To Business & Governments With Paul Snow 1  PASSIVE INCOME IDEAS BITCOIN AND BLOCKCHAIN

How Factom is Bringing Digital Currencies To Business & Governments With Paul Snow

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Paul Snow is the Chief Architect of the popular Altcoin, Factom. After researching Factom for many months, I met Paul at a local Angel Investor Network meeting. I was really impressed by his passion for innovating blockchain technology and bringing it to the masses.

Factom is an innovative cryptocurrency that is seeking to bring blockchain technology to disjointed and antiquated industries like real estate, contracts, and government bureaucracies.

Out of the hundreds of alternative cryptocurrencies that have been created since Bitcoin’s inception in 2009, Factom is one of the few coins that is trying to innovate and add value over just copying Bitcoin.

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20 Thoughts to “How Factom is Bringing Digital Currencies To Business & Governments With Paul Snow”

  1. Paul explains things so well. Thanks Chris and Paul.

  2. "A man without history, is like a tree without roots" Bob Marley

  3. I wonder if this Factom is much different than Ethereum with contracts and other things?

  4. were is the wallet were do I keep my coins I don't see a wallet on the site

  5. Wow, nothing about why someone would invest in the factom coins? What are the prospects, reasons, or whatever that it would appreciate in value? Also you said he has a great team but there was no talk about the team. So he has a company selling enterprise blockchain software to companies, and municipalities. Why should I or anyone else care and what are our incentives to participate and get involved?

  6. Wish I would have invested in Factom a few days ago. It's more than doubled in value over the past week. Check out Made safe network sometime Chris, some pretty exciting stuff. They also have a crypto you can invest in.

  7. Hey Chris awesome video first off! I try to watch most of your videos. I was wondering if you would possibly be open to an interview with Jared Tate, the developer of DIgibyte? Thank you!

  8. Paul Snow you are next Bill Gates

  9. Factom is grossly undervalued.

  10. Can you enable Subtitles/Closed captions feature? Thanks.

  11. Factom give me such a boner. It's amazing

  12. Factom will be one of the next billion dollar cap coins. Massively undervalued. Exodus is providing support for FCT in under a week, and many have been looking to get into FCT without having to store on some shady online exchange. It's about to go parabolic sometime this year, I'm positive of this.

  13. Hell ya. Nice video.

  14. who would be the alternatives ?

  15. As Far as i understand Factom will boom better than Bitcoin, why? Coz Factom Handle Business and Governments. Bitcoin and Ethereum Only working on the business side, unlike to Factom its more usable and can do a lot of things Businesses and governments alike can use Factom to document their information so that it cannot be modified, deleted or backdated. Very USEFUL. I'll bet to invest.

  16. just waiting for factom to be plugged in and turn millions into billions into trillions . . . waiting kinda sux ~ lol

  17. yes, Factom is for sure a Gem, yes it seems grossly undervalued.
    The Niche of Factom is HUGE, calling a Niche is an insult to FACTOM..

    This is soooo HUGE, i do not have words,, m almost convinced to go all in on FACTOM..

    Such a PRUDENT thinking (FACTOM)

    Sir Mr. William Henry Gates granting to this project bears testimony to the fact the FACTOM is ssooooooooooooooo BIG.

  18. Goto 52:35 where he says 'you can buy intracredits with a credit card' . Doesn't he mean 'you can buy Factoids with a credit card which then you can use to buy intracredits'?

  19. Such an interesting interview. So refreshing to listen to people talk about crypto from a "macro" perspective and not about…buying/selling/price etc. Love it!

  20. Love this interview!! i am a new subscriber thx Chris and Paul. All in on Factom….

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