Hacking Your Education With Dale Stephens Of Uncollege.org

Hacking Your Education With Dale Stephens Of Uncollege.org 1  PASSIVE INCOME IDEAS BITCOIN AND BLOCKCHAIN

Hacking Your Education With Dale Stephens Of Uncollege.org

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Dale Stephens was frustrated with his freshmen college experience, so he decided to start his own alternative path to education.

After investing several years building his personal brand, he founded Uncollege.org, a company that provides Gap Year programs for young adults who want to drive their own education, explore and make a splash in the world.

They’ve been doubling their customer base year-over-year for a few years, and are in high-growth mode!
Dale also wrote “Hacking Your Education”, which is a collection of how dozens of people have hacked their educations to create incredible opportunities from alternative paths.

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  1. Hello Chris , from france, 20 years old and in my second year of college ( finance),i have been watching your videos for about one year i started getting educated in trading stocks 6 months after i turned 18 and it has been almost 2 years now since i started trading , last 2 months i have been feeling great about my trading and i think i finally got into the right mindset etc … My mother is very happy for me and glad the hours of practicing trading and learning how to trade after college hours are finally paying off.( won't hesitate to fail again and hustle again). My long term goal is to live from trading and passive income from a business ( i have been looking for a problem that i could solve(looking for something that is so simple that most people don't think about it ). i want to quit college after i finish this year of college but my dad has the same mindset as your dad about failure and wants me to finish my 5 years but i hate this life , i feel like wasting so much time. I told him what Dale Stephens has said in the video and my mom is for me doing what i want but my dad still dosen't care. Do you have any solutions ? Sorry for my english as i'm french :/ Best Regards, Remy Gervais

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