Cryptocurrency Investors Brace For Regulation Crackdown | CNBC

Cryptocurrency Investors Brace For Regulation Crackdown | CNBC 1  PASSIVE INCOME IDEAS BITCOIN AND BLOCKCHAIN

Cryptocurrency Investors Brace For Regulation Crackdown | CNBC

CNBC’s Seema Mody speaks with Blocktower Capital’s Ari Paul about where bitcoin could go as potential regulations from SEC and South Korea loom.
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Cryptocurrency Investors Brace For Regulation Crackdown | CNBC


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42 Thoughts to “Cryptocurrency Investors Brace For Regulation Crackdown | CNBC”

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  2. Great video as always!
    Instead, you can just pump and bump an altcoin, the profit is way higher (+75-100%). There are a lot of groups out there who do so in a synchronized event: but this by far has the most potential:
    Thank me later ;)?

  3. Great video as always!
    Instead, you can just pump and bump an altcoin, the profit is way higher (+75-100%). There are a lot of groups out there who do so in a synchronized event: but this by far has the most potential:
    Thank me later ;)?

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  5. kucoin exchange is the best. More altcoins than Binance and more professional design.

  6. Ripple is not a cryptocurrency HELLO HELLO anyone home macfly do your research dont listen to incompetent "journalists"

  7. the girl who is next to seema is surely worried about her Bitcoins

  8. Team lite coin world wide

  9. Very interesting – will bitcoin hit 50k this year 🤔 it very much could

  10. If you can't abolish a decentralized peer-2-peer file sharing (torrents), then what makes you think you can abolish a decentralized peer-2-peer payment system (crypto)? You can't.

  11. Bro is this Snowden

  12. Crime is a huge fraud it’s a big Ponzi’s game not as bad as our Federal Reserve though but real close and go to the feds don’t want you in but going they want in their Ponzi scam but it’s all satanic and crap before throwing money at nothing there’s nothing there absolutely nothing yet the same time gold and silver is pretty much suppressed and worthless you see cause we can’t use that because that’s well that’s real money we can’t have anything real we got I have this fake crap but yet fools are getting becoming millionaires from this crap it’s because of all the stupid people that are piling in and who says stupidity doesn’t make you rich because in this world and planet Ponzi you can get really rich off at nonsense in

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  14. Good luck with that

  15. When you are involved it's not all about immediate dollar numbers. Cryptocurrencies touch upon different areas of life. The technology as it evolves will benefit society just as the computer, the internet and online commerce has.


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  18. Why does anyone listen to these people, it sounds like they have no idea what the actual value of bitcoin is. Freedom from a monetary system that has been designed to keep 99% of the global population poor. For the first time in my life I am seeing people (globally) excited that there is a possibility of financial freedom, from debt and designed financial control…. And what is the first thing you hear when bankers and politicians realize that everyone now has the possibility to "go to the moon"…? "FAKE MONEY" "REGULATIONS" …blah blah blah .FUD FUD FUD. I'm guessing these guys are right now working on ways to put their hands in our crypto wallets.

  19. Cnbc FUD machine news

  20. governments can't ban crypto they didn't invent it.

  21. you cant even ban crypto how are you going to stop people using the internet???? wtf

  22. Gimme a break s korea already stated it wont be banned. FUD

  23. This soy boy is clueless!

  24. CNBC spread FUD as usual. Crypto exchanges will become decentralized.

  25. I’m impressed. She mentioned Zcash and Monero!!! Wow at least one person on CNBC has come a long way.

  26. I want to wife the one in the black

  27. You should talk about the bubble on Wall Street about to explode…manipulators..why 0.5% of total NY exchange is working so much?

  28. Cryptocurrency will never be regulated…they can't even regulate their own fiat money correctly. Why would anyone trust them to do it better then the community of miners who have built it from scratch. Bottomline is the government's had their time, they had their chance. Now it's our time, now it's our world.

  29. Think about it… Main Stream FUD… I encourage you to at least buy a little bit of a coin:)… Just in case huh??

  30. This man sounds like he's controlled opposition.

  31. Regulation may be a good thing to welcome new investors, but those new investors are usually weak hands and panic sell.

  32. Wall streets coming! Start running!

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  34. Seema. i Love You. You Hear My Heart?

  35. When the government begins to investigate these cryptocurrencies an do audits on the companies that created so called money out of thin air, you will see every single one of them shut down, including the mother of them all: Bitcoin. It has already begun to happen with big players like bitconnect and davorcoin. Right after they received their cease and desist orders from Texas, the scammer-owners disappeared with everyone's money. You are going to see this happen across the board with every single cryptocurrency. And yes Bitcoin is no different, it's the same scam people.

  36. BTC is the king of cryptocurrency.

  37. Where else can you get 20-30% return in a single day???

  38. Crypto mania is an epidemic that infects only idiots, their brains are not vaccinated.

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