Cryptocurrencies Plunge Amid Regulatory Fears | CNBC

Cryptocurrencies Plunge Amid Regulatory Fears | CNBC 1  PASSIVE INCOME IDEAS BITCOIN AND BLOCKCHAIN

Cryptocurrencies Plunge Amid Regulatory Fears | CNBC

Lou Kerner, CryptoOracle partner, and Jalak Jobanputra, Future/Perfect Partners founder & managing partner, discuss the collapse of cryptocurrency prices.
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Cryptocurrencies Plunge Amid Regulatory Fears | CNBC


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7 Thoughts to “Cryptocurrencies Plunge Amid Regulatory Fears | CNBC”

  1. this indian nevermade a dollar in bitcoin yet she tries to make it seem like she was early

  2. There are not regulatory fears. It's crashing bc it's being manipulated. BTC futures expire today. Mark my words

  3. Hodl! Is pronounced "Hold" not Hoddle" 😂😂

  4. Neo crypto is up today should have bought some Neo number one smart contract network real ethereum killer.Dont miss the boat again get dome Neo today.

  5. BTC is still up 1200% in 12 months. Ethereum is up 10000%.

  6. Cryptocurrencies will become extinct.

  7. They didn't mention that bitconnect got shutdown. It had a valuation of close to a billion dollars and it dropped 80% so 800 million dollars has just vanished.

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