Crypto Evangelist: Bitcoin – Like Every Asset – Is A Confidence Game | CNBC

Crypto Evangelist: Bitcoin - Like Every Asset - Is A Confidence Game | CNBC 1  PASSIVE INCOME IDEAS BITCOIN AND BLOCKCHAIN

Crypto Evangelist: Bitcoin – Like Every Asset – Is A Confidence Game | CNBC

Discussing the rally in bitcoin and what investors really need to know about the cryptocurrency space with Lou Kerner, Flight Ventures partner.
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Crypto Evangelist: Bitcoin – Like Every Asset – Is A Confidence Game | CNBC


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23 Thoughts to “Crypto Evangelist: Bitcoin – Like Every Asset – Is A Confidence Game | CNBC”

  1. Haha you folks are late to the BTC party 🎉🎊
    Jk it’s only starting now

  2. of course it feels weird Bitcoin 1 trillion !

  3. BTC is Gold 2.0
    BTC will pass Golds market cap of $7T.
    BTC will be worth well over $300k per coin.
    We are not anywhere near a bubble on the linear chart. Literally the entire world wants to get in on BTC. It will set the bar for generations to come against all currency pairs. We haven't even started to move. 2018 will be an amazing year.

  4. bitcoin doesn't exist. at least tulips look pretty.

  5. 1. Bitcoin is unspendable; only a fool would spend his bitcoin.
    2. Long term loans issued in bitcoin can never be paid back in bitcoin.
    3. Bitcoin is deflationary, see 1 and 2 above.


  7. They are trying really hard to slow bitcoin down with the negative language and fear mongering as always but at this point they only look foolish…. Someone should make a montage of all the bs reporting on crypto currency right next to a crypto growth chart with accurate dates! It would really show how wrong and bad the reporting has been… Unfortunately I have friends that still just listen to it and they are missing out on an entire paradigm shift right before my eyes. The reason the mainstream media misreported so bad in this situation is because all their parent companies are owned by the same people that own the banks so they are simply desperately trying to keep their jobs.. Its sad but that’s what you get for being a follower.

  8. I am in. People at my work are all skeptical. I felt good that i am still an early adopter compared to them.

  9. Bitcoin is bad! M'kay.

  10. Bitcoin is a big disaster just waiting around the corner.
    1. The majority of people who "invest" in Bitcoin know nothing about it.. these sheep are easily panicked into selling
    2. Bitcoin is utterly useless as a currency
    3. Endless forks are debasing Bitcoin
    4. So called "trusted third parties" (New Banksters) are increasingly required

  11. *Ofcourse they have to call it a bubble since CNBC knows NOTHING about BTC…. *

  12. Businesses are not confidences games …..businesses are entities that provide actual value to consumers ….such as a platform enabling people to interact with people all over the world instantaneously (Facebook) ….or Amazon that provides value by offering quick easy and cost effective retailing and the consumers acquire this value by using CURRENCY now why does this CURRENCY enable them to purchase this value provided well that's because both the value provided and the value consumer have CONFIDENCE IN THE CURRENCY …and why do they have this confidence in the currency well that's because it's backed by the promise of their respective central banks which is basically confidence confined with the government now when you have confidence in the value of bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies where do you get their surety from those coins where issued during ICOs by nerds in their sweatpants …..which would you rather put your confidence in THE USA GOVERNMENT OR ….nerds in sweatpants …..?????

  13. This is not amazon this is assets

  14. Will be worth more than fiat $$$$

  15. Hey why is it that there's soo many version of cryptocurrencies in the world and they all have differing values yet essentially they are all used for the same fundamental purpose there being a medium of exchange ……whilst sweet hard currency doesn't differ in value to it's counter parts only unless it's being converted into one of them plus it doesn't fluctuate ……I can imagine my grandma sitting there watching her bitcoin wallet waiting for the value to go up just enough so she can afford a tray of eggs ……or go down enough to give to her grandkids as an allowance

  16. This woman must have never had a bright thought in her life.

  17. there is bitcoin cash which is fast and has low fees and there is bitcoin slowhighfee. check the sell wall at 10 000

  18. If voting changed things it would be illegal. If crypto were a threat to banksters it would be illegal. QED:
    Crypto is masterminded by banksters. See the 1988 Economist Cover with the Phoenix Rising from the ashes of all the burning currencies in 2018. The phoenix has a Golden Coin around.
    Its neck. Bitcoin logo is golden. It's not gold. Satoshi Nakamoto alias Lord Rothschild is well aware that central bank currencies are burning. The mini gods are 50 years ahead of the sheeple. The mark of the beast is a meme about people clamoring for a new world order and PAYING for windows iphone facebook google amazon and BITCOIN to finance the AI borg beast bitcoin system.
    Trump will make america great again in the sense of richer rich ruling class return on investment.
    Trump is a globalist and bitcoin is global money in the guise of peer to peer freedom from banksters.
    It is unknown if bitcoin will go to the moon or crash. You were so scared that obama would call in u.n. troops to grab your guns that you voted for the true new world order instead of the fake scare new world order. Now stfu!

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