CoinDesk Advisory Board Chairman Michael Casey On Bitcoin’s Uncharted Territory | CNBC

CoinDesk Advisory Board Chairman Michael Casey On Bitcoin's Uncharted Territory | CNBC 1  PASSIVE INCOME IDEAS BITCOIN AND BLOCKCHAIN

CoinDesk Advisory Board Chairman Michael Casey On Bitcoin’s Uncharted Territory | CNBC

CoinDesk Advisory Board Chairman, Michael Casey discusses the technology behind bitcoin and what may emerge in terms of managing value and new economic systems.

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CoinDesk Advisory Board Chairman Michael Casey On Bitcoin’s Uncharted Territory | CNBC


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16 Thoughts to “CoinDesk Advisory Board Chairman Michael Casey On Bitcoin’s Uncharted Territory | CNBC”

  1. Bye bye middleman………Not all of them, but a whole bunch of them, oh yeah! 1st!!!!

  2. The BS er think that and then Bitcions goes to 40 k lol . whats there excuse then.

  3. I'm in t

    own are you seeing people shoot their guns in that sky

  4. )'anyway the wind blows I'm loo;

    king at you

  5. Oh, they actually got someone that knows what they are talking about.

  6. Ok finally they got someone who actually gets Blockchain and Bitcoin. Phew.

  7. No more clowns on your show please.. no Roger Ver.. He's a clown. a man who doesn't understand Bitcoin. He only understands greed and manipulation. Thats not what this space is about. If you want someone reliable get Andreas M. Antonopoulos.

  8. Ah, they posted this 5 hours ago from this time. I’ll have to watch BitCoins value increase from here LOL.

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  10. so blockchain is applicable to uber, facebook, amazon, etc. just that it is decentralized and without middlemen? I agree, currency has nothing to do with it and is just an example of how to use blockchain.

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  12. Screw that. I want centralization. I like my Facebook, my Amazon, my Google. We need more. Why cant we have the internet controlled by one company? It would be so much better!

    Said, no one ever

  13. Ah, the old we like blockchain not bitcoin narrative.

  14. I Love how she cut him off when she knew that she wasnt going to get him to go along with the agenda

  15. hahahahahaahaha,"can't we have a block-chain (C.ryptographic A.sset S.ecurely H.ashed) without value?" Answer: ''''NO!!!

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