Bitcoin Just Soared Past $9,600 | CNBC


Bitcoin Just Soared Past $9,600 | CNBC

The digital currency has risen some 869 percent year-to-date.
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Bitcoin Just Soared Past $9,600 | CNBC


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5 Thoughts to “Bitcoin Just Soared Past $9,600 | CNBC”

  1. 1. I can't set up an account with g DAX exchange without then using my computers webcams to take a picture of my drivers liscense in order to buy sell without fees.2. So I need spend money on a laptop.3. I need to purchase a  nano ledger wallet to store my crypto to reduce losing all my crypto on coin base or g DAX4. I dont know where to purchase one5.  I need to find which specific banks allow money transfer to g DAX because not all of them do, my bank is regions as of mother is telling me I need to set up a different account with a certain amount of money on it for when I do the transfer  just in case my checking account gets hacked.7. It take about 7business days to transfer the money.8. Bitcoin is skyrocketing as I type this, time is money9. Fml.

  2. It will reach 25k in 2018.

  3. If it's too good to be true it's because it is

  4. Someone bless me 10 bucks in bitcoin

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