Bitcoin Expert James Altucher: More Regulations Will Help Legitimize Digital Currencies | CNBC

Bitcoin Expert James Altucher: More Regulations Will Help Legitimize Digital Currencies | CNBC 1  PASSIVE INCOME IDEAS BITCOIN AND BLOCKCHAIN

Bitcoin Expert James Altucher: More Regulations Will Help Legitimize Digital Currencies | CNBC

James Altucher, Formula Capital and managing director, and Dennis Berman, Wall Street Journal financial editor, discuss the big cryptocurrency sell-off.
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Bitcoin Expert James Altucher: More Regulations Will Help Legitimize Digital Currencies | CNBC


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50 Thoughts to “Bitcoin Expert James Altucher: More Regulations Will Help Legitimize Digital Currencies | CNBC”

  1. check out this guy he know what hes talking about

  2. there is no safety net in wallstreet

  3. James Altucher you are a clown and that hair cut proves it.

  4. I place more trust in bitconnect's promises than I do your opinion.

  5. 0:32, he just said crypto-currencies, a plural noun. So how many different crypto-currencies will show up in the next 100 years? Why do you think Bitcoin is the only with value, and all other future crypto-currencies have no value? If some other future cryptocurrency is better, everybody sell their Bitcoin to buy the new one, what do you think will happen to value of Bitcoin?

  6. 0:59, WAIT! government regulations? I thought the whole point of Bitcoin, is to get away from the government!

  7. 1:56, 20 years from now, if all these governments decided to back some "other" future crypto-currencies. The one you have today, becomes worthless 20 years later?

  8. Disappointing that CNBC get it wrong as often as they do. Altucher just got into bitcoin becaue of the hype.
    Follow a few real experts.
    Nick Szabo, designed a mechanism for a decentralized digital currency he called "bit gold" , basically the precursor of Bitcoin. You can followw him on twitter or read some of his "blogs"
    Andres Antonopoulos (YT channel: aantonop), he is in the space for years, and explains complex concepts in a simple way.
    Jimmy Song, is a Bitcoin core developer and has a cool daily show coveringg nes and tech. (Off chain with Jimmy Song)
    Enjoy 😀

  9. The Irony. Bitcoin is supposed to free us from the Government. Then Government Regulation is going to help legitimize Bitcoin?


  10. NO! Government intervention isn't good!

  11. It will be volatile until 300,000. VISA will accept it as they lose business to those that do. PayPal, s square card app, and the first credit card that dies. By 1 million, it won’t be volatile, see you in 2020.

  12. He has a very good point and knows what he's talking about, I have joined these guys and made some good money out of cryptocurrency, you can try too, just visit this site, very easy.

  13. Dat F he totally don't know 💩

  14. i hate this guy

  15. People on here sayin scam… do some reading and stop listening to talking heads on cnbc… hav the banksters ever got it right? Usd is more of a scam then btc… thats a fact

  16. Feeds so slow the black guy sounds like Bill Cosby on jello pudding pops🤣

  17. He speaks like he invented bitcoin and he a genius. !!!!!!!YOU ONLY TALK TRASH !!!!!!

  18. Wasn't the lack of government regulation the main attraction of Cryptocurrencies? Getting around banks centralization and regulation? And saying regulation will attract more people to buy in, makes it sound like it's a pyramid scheme!

  19. Regulation won't matter bitcoin will always find its way.

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  21. wtf CNBC. BTC expert? This guy is a crook who has jumped on the bandwagon.

  22. James altucher, responding to question he was asked about bitcoin, "bitcoin is a fad, or a scam, or a ponzi scheme."

  23. Is it possible that we will have another big Litcoin jump in the near future?

  24. Anything touch by the government become a disaster.

  25. Judging by the questions these guys are asking the hosts no absolutely ZERO about Crypto

  26. They are sucking billions of dollars out of the economy in order to enslave millions of people in debt. Bitcoin, gold, silver, stocks , and fiat currencies (dollar) are all manipulated. Don't allow them to entice you or enslave you!

  27. that guys hair is like wow. Just wow

  28. This loser must be the one stuck with a lot of them

  29. The results of the software speaks for itself…just as promised, I made over $3,00 every single day. Do I really need to say more?

  30. This guy reminds me of Ted Mosby

  31. This guy invested 2,6 milion $ USD in zcash (ZEC), check out his tweets from decembar. What a shark omg

  32. I'm tired of these so called 'bitcoin experts'. No regulations are not good, they're only trying to control people wtf

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  34. This guy looks like the crypto mad scientist

  35. This guy looks like eisenstein with wacko hair.

  36. im not hold my bitcoin any more.

    all my bitcoin already convent

    date convert 2/1/2017😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

  37. This guy is not an expert. You can't regulate Bitcoin.

  38. This man is a scammer. Why would you invite him?

  39. Good video i like your information. I made a video of bitcoin crackdown

  40. This guy has interviewed about almost killing himself… if this fails I bet he does

  41. Why Bitcoin though? Seems to me that Bitcoin is already out dated in terms of usability. There are other coins with faster transaction times and other useful features. Seems like just more hype to me. Thoughts?

  42. This guy said Bitcoin is a fad and Ponzi, now he's an expert? This is why MSM is fake news.

  43. TRANSLATION: More regulations will allow a very small segment of the ultra-wealthy to control and extort profit from the system/people, just like in the banking industry.

    P.S. Read my comment below for more reality checks on Bitcoin and James Altucher.

  44. COINCIDENCE? I want to point out that there seems to be an inordinate amount of comments that are similar in nature on this video, such as insinuating that this guy is some kind of a genius, or in some way cool, and very brief (one sentence).

    For instance;
    "Albert Einstein over here"
    "Albert Einstein had funny hair. Look how smart he was. If you are an investor, pay attention to this guy."
    "Does anyone else think that he looks like Ted from "How I Met Your Mother"?"
    "This guy looks like eisenstein with wacko hair."
    "This guy looks like the crypto mad scientist"

    The question is, do you believe that shills are paid to comment on Youtube?

  45. Guys like this are scrambling to find positives in stuff that they don't want to happen. No Bitcoiner really wants regulation.

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  47. this guy has 'SCAM' written all over his face.

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