Bitcoin Drops Amid New Regulatory Concerns | CNBC

Bitcoin Drops Amid New Regulatory Concerns | CNBC 1  PASSIVE INCOME IDEAS BITCOIN AND BLOCKCHAIN

Bitcoin Drops Amid New Regulatory Concerns | CNBC

The “Squawk on the Street” crew talks about the drop in bitcoin and the good year for U.S. stocks.
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Bitcoin Drops Amid New Regulatory Concerns | CNBC


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10 Thoughts to “Bitcoin Drops Amid New Regulatory Concerns | CNBC”

  1. Big Head-and-Shoulder pattern forming right now and BTCUSD is going to crash to 8200. Eariler Head-and-shoulder pattern pull down to 11000 from 20000.

  2. if the govs cant control it, they will ban it ! simple

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  4. Shakeouts are necessary to stabilize volatile markets. The sensible money flows in and the charts make sense.

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    it's a little bit long, but it goes deep into the topic

  6. The sponsors that own CNBC want you to invest in the market; that is their official stance. Consequently, they will push viewers to stay in stocks.

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  8. heree is free btc i got 1.9i dont know why are they telling us ? is btc going down or what

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