Banks Need Bitcoin More Than Bitcoin Needs Banks: Virtual Capital Ventures’ William Mougayar | CNBC

Banks Need Bitcoin More Than Bitcoin Needs Banks: Virtual Capital Ventures' William Mougayar | CNBC 1  PASSIVE INCOME IDEAS BITCOIN AND BLOCKCHAIN

Banks Need Bitcoin More Than Bitcoin Needs Banks: Virtual Capital Ventures’ William Mougayar | CNBC

William Mougayar, Virtual Capital Ventures and “The Business of Bitcoin” author, provides insight to the cryptocurrency which he calls a new parallel financial system in the works.
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Banks Need Bitcoin More Than Bitcoin Needs Banks: Virtual Capital Ventures’ William Mougayar | CNBC


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18 Thoughts to “Banks Need Bitcoin More Than Bitcoin Needs Banks: Virtual Capital Ventures’ William Mougayar | CNBC”

  1. Bubble will burst next week. No way Normie's could last out Bitcoin infamous volatility.

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  3. 7,000 correction and back up to 10k end of the year?

  4. What most people don't understand is how ridiculously rare A full bitcoins are given that there will only ever be 21 million bitcoins. The earth population is over 7 billion, So for most people it will not be about owning one or more bitcoin, it will be about having bits or Satoshis. There are exactly I00,000,000 million Satoshi units in each Bitcoin. When bitcoin enter into its third phase, 100,000 Satoshis will support A family for generations, like one million dollars did back in the 19th century . The cheapest and fastest way to buy $10 to $10,000 of Bitcoin is at get your bitcoin in 6 hr. "BUY & HOLD" you've been WARNED..

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  8. Bitcoin is less corrupt than dollars or Euros or pounds etc.

  9. host shouldnt have cut when contributor talks about why bank needs btc i would like to hear his argument geez

  10. Average people don't seem to realize that the only way for Bitfinex to avoid the liability on their books is to do a manipulated crash of BTC and other tokens to 0, or claim another "hack". Well, the first option sounds more tempting as they can magically exponentially grow their income! Bitmex could be used as an intermediary to obtain 100X leverage, that way only some millions of USDT printed become sufficient and not raise many red flag.
    Beginner investors are told by corrupt special interest people (and those brainwashed) in the internet, TV and other medias: Just buy the dip! Who said their will be any dip?!? $11K to $0 only needs few seconds to happen (remember ETH flash crash to 10 cents, when poor Coinbase paid the price and it's maybe not even their fault..), with all the available trading options available today… I do not advise anyone to go short, bcz again Tether may be trying to take over Wall Street and short real commodities to take it to the next level. Just stay away!! The most unethical thing you can do is try to take advantage and do trades even if you have the best guaranteed insider info from Tether Bitfinex club

  11. Bitcoin "very efficient" loool.

  12. Anything the banks like ; I don't like….. Anything the banks don't like; I like!!

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  14. decentralized web based on the technology of bitcoin.. it's more than the price.

  15. Wow on most of these Bitcoin news coverages the hosts dont actually understand the fundamental things about Bitcoin. The questions are dumb and of the point

  16. It's not a currency. It's a commodity.

    there are no dividends, there are no pay-outs.
    therefore bitcoin CANNOT be a ponzi scheme.

    if you don't understand what ponzi scheme means, here is the wiki page:
    read the very first line of wiki's definition:
    "A Ponzi scheme (/ˈpɒnzi/; also a Ponzi game)[1] is a fraudulent investment operation where the operator generates returns for older investors through revenue paid by new investors"
    do you get the picture yet?

    You can argue that bitcoin is overpriced, or in a bubble, but you cannot factually claim that bitcoin is a ponzi scheme.

    AGAIN if you do not understand BITCOIN then do NOT invest in it . It's as simple as that .

    I would encourage everyone to buy at least 1 BITCOIN if you can afford it , but those blood sucking banks out of business .

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