79 Passive Income Ideas

“ Passive Income ” is a commonly used definition for money that you can earn without doing much.

Passive income ideas and streams usually come from assets, and assets are either built with loads of efforts or bought with tons of money.

Passive income ideas are the only way to achieve Stable Passive Income with little effort and money.

Our mission is to provide passive income deas that make the difference in the Cryptocurrency arena, which is our field…


Passive Income


Other types of Passive Income Ideas are:


  1. Article writing
  2. Translation
  3. Online Counselor
  4. Find A Popular Program And Resell It
  5. Forum Posting
  6. Forum Moderator
  7. Create templates for Facebook Fan Pages
  8. Submit links to Social Bookmarking sites on other’s behalf
  9. Become A Blogger
  10. Podcasting
  11. Online Counselor:
  12. Outsourcing Middle-Man
  13. Employee Referral
  14. Become a website or domain broker
  15. Start A Forum Posting Website
  16. Buying and selling links
  17. Buy and Sell Items on eBay
  18. Resell SSL Certificates
  19. Sell other people’s items on eBay on their behalf
  20. Write an eBook on buying and selling techniques in eBay
  21. Participate in Paid Surveys
  22. Take up part-time Data Entry jobs
  23. Get hired as Virtual Assistant
  24. Participate in contests
  25. Editing and Proofreading jobs
  26. Email And Phone Handling
  27. Browse the net and get paid
  28. Click on ads and get paid
  29. Write software for resale, with rights
  30. Design or build websites for people
  31. Create an automation software and charge for the service
  32. Modify and create additional functionality to existing software
  33. Become an Application Tester
  34. Provide Uptime monitoring services
  35. Answer technical questions for a fee
  36. Assist people in installation of applications
  37. Provide Forum Hosting services
  38. Provide backup storage services offsite
  39. Start an online virtual store
  40. Create an affiliate website
  41. Make your own product and start selling it online
  42. Make money with mis-spellings
  43. Shoot an interesting video and start selling it online
  44. Invest in buying valuable websites
  45. Design and sell T-shirts
  46. Design banners
  47. Design Company Logos
  48. Design cartoons for websites
  49. Sell ClipArt
  50. Design website security seals
  51. Edit or restore old photos
  52. Offer Video Montage Services
  53. Write SEO Optimized articles
  54. Write interesting eBooks and sell them online
  55. Write eBook for others for a service fee
  56. Rewrite eBook for others for a service fee
  57. Start teaching online
  58. Pool in e-tutors and offer tutoring services
  59. Sell online learning videos
  60. Offer Software review services
  61. Telecommuting jobs
  62. Refer your friends for Paid Surveys
  63. Start flipping domains
  64. Start flipping websites
  65. Get paid to read emails
  66. Find products for buyers on eBay
  67. Expert in something? Share your knowledge through your Blog/website
  68. Start writing newsletters and circulate them to build a database
  69. Submitting Articles to Article Directories
  70. Link Builder
  71. Find Expired Domains
  72. Transcription Jobs
  73. Provide online homework help
  74. Build one website and sell it to lots of people in the niche
  75. Pay per click Arbitrage
  76. Is your website successful? Make it a membership website
  77. Review websites for a fee
  78. Consultant servicesWrite Landing page for websites
  79. Become an SEO Consultant


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